About Me - Doula in Berlin
I provide birth and postpartum support to English speaking families living in Berlin. Book a free consultation!
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About Me

and my passion for birth
I am Doula

My name is Agata and I’m a doula.


I was born in Poland, lived in England for several years and now since 2012, I live in Berlin. I am a mother of two, a babywearing consultant, and Shantala massage instructor.


In early 2018 I trained as a birth and postpartum doula with Doula Trainings International, but the journey to doula work and the learning started almost six years earlier with a positive pregnancy test. Pregnancy and birth fascinated me, I couldn’t get enough of the knowledge, constantly reading, listening, researching. Somewhere along the way, I’ve stumbled upon doulas and soon I knew I wanted to be one too.

And here I am, thrilled to be here, ready to support your family on your journey to parenthood, probably the most vulnerable and transformative moment of your lives, to help you along whatever path you choose to take.


My goal is to empower and support both parents, providing comfort, bringing my knowledge and experience to help you and to help your partner in supporting you.


I believe in your freedom of choice, your power over your body and autonomy, and that you know what’s best. In my work I believe in evidence-based practices with a touch of the traditional wisdom sprinkled here and there. I believe there is a right doula for every family.

As a doula I am there for you during pregnancy, to help you and your partner prepare for the birth experience you want. I stay by your side continuously in labor and birth, supporting all your choices.


To ease your postpartum period, I am there providing information, resources, and emotional and physical support for a smoother transition into early parenthood. I would like you to feel supported, nourished, and cared for in those first weeks as a new parent. With layers of support, you can celebrate the so-called fourth trimester, from which you can build a strong foundation for this new chapter in life.

 I would be happy to answer any questions you might have

My skills, trainings and certifications

Doula Training


I trained and certified with Doula Trainings International at the beginning of 2018 as a Birth and Postpartum Doula. I chose this certifying organization because of their extensive and modern curriculum, covering both birth and postpartum, breastfeeding support, their amazing required reading list, and especially what they stand for.  DTI recognizes birth as a human rights issue and reproductive justice issue. “DTI believes in the transformative power and impact that well-educated, culturally competent, fierce birth professionals can have on birthing individuals and their families around the world.”

Rebozo for Birth


Believing in the traditional knowledge being a great support for the modern I take great interest and passion in the traditional Mexican midwifery practices using the Rebozo shawls for labour support. I took a Rebozo for birth attendants workshop with trainers certified by Rebozo.nl in June 2018. This European organization has been working with Mexican midwives, working together on keeping the tradition alive and bringing it to the birthing world outside of Mexico.

Spinning Babies


Being passionate about the power of our bodies and believing in the physiology of birth, I took the Spinning Babies workshop with Jennifer Walker in June 2018 and August of 2019 in order to be able to bring optimal foetal positioning ideas into my practice.

Care supporting Neurodevelopment


The awareness of physiology and anatomy that was brought by my babywearing consultant training sparked an interest in broadening my knowledge of what babies need and what can we improve our daily care rituals and play in order to support their neurodevelopment. In 2017 I took part in a training for professionals working with parents and babies that focused on the development of the child and neurodevelopment in care in their first year of life. I am able to provide knowledge on how to hold, carry, bathe, feed, change and handle babies in a way that supports their healthy growth, what toys and carriers are beneficial, and which to avoid building your nursery and playroom. I can share with you what to look out for when your baby reaches their milestones, when to consult a specialist and how to support your child in daily play.

Babywearing Consultant


I am a trained and experienced Babywearing consultant, teaching parents how to safely and comfortably wear their babies in woven wraps and soft structured carriers, taking great care of physiology and baby development process, to ensure healthy spine and joint development and to protect the parents from injury to their back. I have trained and retrained with ClauWi in Poland since early 2014.

Shantala Special Care – Baby


In 2016 I became a Shantala Special Care – Baby Massage instructor, trained under Shantala Massage School lead by Agnieszka Słoniowska, experienced physiotherapist, NDT-Bobath therapist and Sensory Integration Therapist. The massage itself is not a therapeutic massage, but a traditional Indian art, but its’ wide range of benefits is the reason why it is being implemented in therapy and why it’s an amazing skill any parent can adopt in their daily routine.



I speak fluent English, native Polish, and about B2 level of German.