Babywearing Consultant - Doula in Berlin
Learn how to safely and comfortably wear your baby in a woven wrap or a soft structured carrier! Private consultations in your home in Berlin, in english.
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Babywearing Consultant

Carry your baby safely

Babywearing consultant

Wearing babies in woven wraps or carries is becoming more and more popular in recent years, and there are many great reasons for it. For me as a mom of two babywearing was one of my number one parenting tools. It freed my hands and kept my babies happy. It helped us survive some long nights with fevers and pains, made me mobile in the busy city and provided endless cuddles. The list of babywearing benefits is very long! If you know you would like to learn how to babywear I would be very happy to share my knowledge and experience.


If you don’t own a wrap of your own I have a small lending library of wraps, so before you make up your mind and choose, you can try and test one of mine.

I offer private consultations for one or both parents in the comfort of their own home, where they can relax and concentrate on the task at hand, feed or change the baby when needed. We can also meet in another place if desired.


During a consultation I will tell you about safe babywearing practices, about the physiological and psychological  aspects of carrying young babies and their development in the first year of life, how to protect their spine and joints and how to make babywearing safe and comfortable for you. I also talk about various types of carrying aids, woven and stretchy wraps and different carriers, which one to choose, when and why. Together we analyse your situation and select the carrying options most suitable for your family. You will be able to practice on a special demo doll before moving on to trying your new skills with your baby, using your own carriers or one of mine. A consultation typically lasts about 2,5 hours.

We usually meet some time after the baby arrives, it’s never to early or to late to start wearing your baby or improve your technique. It’s also great having them there to learn with them. If you like we can also meet before baby comes, so you can learn the basics, choose your carrier and feel prepared and confident to wear from day one. If you would like to learn with a few friends or include other care givers I’m happy to meet in a small group workshop too.


After your baby has grown we can meet again, so you can learn more advanced carries, practice mowing your baby to your back safely, talk about other carrying options.


I offer talks about babywearing at events, childbirth classes and parents clubs etc.

Contact with you activates your baby's parasympathetic nervous system - that switches off stress; enhances digestion, healing and growth, and imprints calm and connection.
- Sarah Buckley

Benefits of babywearing:

For the baby:



  • Stimulates the nervous system, balance, vision and speech development
  • Promotes feelings of wellness and security
  • Promotes the release of oxytocin and reduces stress hormones
  • Helps building a secure bond and attachment, more independent toddlers
  • Improves sleep, babies fall asleep easier and sleep longer
  • Helps regulating emotions and soothes
  • It’s easy for them to hide from excess stimulation
  • Promotes digestion and eases digestive issues
  • Helps with reflux symptoms
  • Calms babies down, thanks to closeness and movement they tend to cry less
  • Promotes psychomotor development
  • Helps baby regulate their temperature, breathing and heart rhythms
  • Done correctly supports physiological placement of hip joints and supports the spine

For the parent:



  • Frees the hands, for eating, cooking, reading, other children
  • Relaxes and calms down, due to less stress and oxytocin release
  • Helps in learning baby’s cues and language
  • Promotes bonding
  • Heightens a sense of being a capable parent
  • Can contribute to lowering the risk of postpartum depression
  • Physical closeness promotes successful breastfeeding
  • Makes moving around and socializing easier






You can safely carry your baby in a well tied and adjusted woven wrap from birth.

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