English Speaking Birth Doula Services - Doula in Berlin
I provide compassionate and evidence based doula care, tailored to your needs and expectations. English speaking Doula for birth and postpartum
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Birth Doula Services

Support for pregnancy and labor for both parents

Birth Doula Care Package includes:

  • A free consultation
  • Two prenatal visits
  • Unlimited support via phone, email, text during office hours before 37 weeks
  • On call period from 37 weeks until baby’s arrival – I will be available 24/7
  • Continuous labor support in active labor at home and/or chosen birth space until some time after the birth
  • One postpartum visit and postpartum support via phone, text or e-mail

You can add additional hours of postpartum doula care to this package.





Read below for more details!

What a doula does?

A birth doula provides emotional, educational and physical support throughout pregnancy, birth and postpartum. I am there to support both parents, not to take on the birth partners role.



I can help you both find ways to work together through what labor brings. I will share my knowledge and experience, help to normalise the process, set a mood in the birth space, provide support without judgement.

Most women need encouragement and companionship more than they need drugs

- Ina May Gaskin

I can help with labor positions, non medical pain management techniques and tricks, make sure you both are fed and hydrated, warm or cool enough, offer massage, remind you of your options and choices, meet whatever needs you might have.

Would you like to see if we are a good fit?

Doula services details

Free consultation


I would love to meet you and your birth partner to see if we all would like to work together, answer any initial questions, talk about your needs and my services.


If we decide to work together I will then be available to you for unlimited phone, text and email support during office hours until the on-call period starts at 37 weeks.


Two prenatal visits


During those meetings we will get to know each other more, I will be there to listen and learn about your needs and preferences, we will work together on recognising and formulating your birth wishes, making plans for the big day and the postpartum.


We will also fill in any gaps in your birth process knowledge, talk about the fourth trimester, newborn care and feeding, explore and practice comfort measures for labor. If desired you will meet my backup person in one of the meetings. (A backup doula is used in rare occasions, when I would not be able to join you due to illness for example, you would still be guaranteed doula support!)


I will provide tips and resources concerning diet, exercise, the idea of optimal foetal positioning, refer you to other practitioners that might be needed in pregnancy and postpartum.


I am happy to lend you any books from my extensive doula library and recommend classes and other resources for a more informed process.


On call period starting at 37 weeks until baby’s arrival


In this period I will be available for you with support 24/7.  We will stay in touch via phone and text during early labor and I will be ready to join you in your home or chosen birthplace as soon as you feel the need for me to come.  

Continuous labor support in active labor until some time after the birth


From the moment I join you in active labor I will provide continuous support throughout your labor.


If you chose an unmedicated birth I will be helping you with position suggestions, massage, hydrotherapy, rebozo and Spinning  Babies techniques, chosen relaxation techniques and other physical comfort measures, making sure everyone is nourished and hydrated etc. I will provide emotional and informational support as needed.


I will also support you in any decision that you might have to make in the process, or any change of plans, be it induction, epidural anesthesia or a surgical birth.


I know labor is unpredictable and babies are born in the way they need to.


I will be there to help normalise the experience for both you and your partner, help him or her help you, honour your space, remind you of your options and choices.


I will stay with you until some time after the baby’s arrival, the initial feeding happens, when you are settled, bundled up and feel ready to be there as a family and bond with your little one and rest. 


One postpartum visit and postpartum support


This visit will happen any time up to two weeks after baby is born. I will try to provide whatever you need in this period. I will be there to answer questions via text, email or phone during office hours.


During the postpartum visit we will take some time to talk about the birth and check in with your feelings. I can support early feeding and arranging sleeping and try to find solutions for more rest. I can help notice any red flags and refer you to any specialists you or baby might need.


It’s possible to add additional hours of postpartum support to this package. As a postpartum doula I can help you during the day, do some light housekeeping, meal and snack prep, take care of the baby when you take a shower or nap, be the extra pair of hands when you need them. To find out more click the button below!