Birth Doula in Berlin - My Services for Your Family
Welcome! My name is Agata, I offer support for you and your partner trough pregnancy, birth and postpartum, babywearing consultations and baby massage classes.
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My Services for Your Family

How I can help you transition smoothly into parenthood
Professional Certified English speaking Doula care in Berlin
English and polish speaking doula
Guidance through pregnancy, caring support for birth
Birth Doula Services

As your Birth Doula, I would support you through pregnancy, birth, and the immediate postpartum. We would meet prenatally, to talk about your family’s particular needs, discuss your options, choices, and preferences for birth. We can also look info optimal fetal positioning tips according to Spinning Babies approach, your plans for building a postpartum support system, or whatever you might want to talk about. I would join you on the big day in your chosen birthplace, providing continuous support until your baby arrives. Later, I would visit you at home, offering help with newborn care, feeding, getting sleep and rest, dealing with emotions, answering the needs of your new family. You can add additional hours of postpartum care and special treatments like a Rebozo Cerrada ceremony, also known as closing the bones, to this package.

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Mothering the mother, care for the new family
Postpartum Doula Services

The early days of parenting are a very tender time in a life of a new family. Transitioning to parenthood is one of the greatest rites of passage of our lives. Therefore, planning ahead and having a support system in place is very important. Having someone around to support and guide you, taking care of the small stuff for you can help this time become a sweet memory for years to come. These services are tailored to your needs, I would be happy to help. 

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doula in berlin, english speaking doula, birth and postpartum doula
Babywearing consultatant in berlin
Comfortable, safe and healthy babywearing
Babywearing consultant

Babywearing is one of my personal favorite tools in parenting. Carrying your baby in a wrap or carrier is both practical and lovely. Babies who are held close, especially in the so-called fourth trimester, often cry less, sleep better and have fever tummy issues. Parents have their hands free to do everyday tasks, partners get the sweet bonding time. Being in direct physical contact with the baby has a positive effect on lactation and even lowers rates of postpartum mood disorders. I have over 7 years of experience as a babywearing consultant and I have worn my own babies, through fevers, teething, Berlin’s winters and travelling. I love teaching parents about safe and comfortable babywearing.

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Gentle, loving touch
Baby massage classes

Touch is one of the most powerful senses for babies and sensations coming through the skin are powerful stimuli for their developing brains. Being in contact with your baby, gentle touch and loving attention bring a beautiful connection. Regular massage helps to build a strong bond, feelings of belonging, and relaxation. Shantala is a traditional Indian massage technique brought to Europe by a French obstetrician and author Frédérick Leboyer. I am a certified Shantala massage instructor and offer private and group classes for new parents and their babies.

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Baby massage classes in english in berlin